22 Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas So GOOD They’re AWARD-WINNING

Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Earth Day bulletin board fail? NO WAY! Get 22 AMAZING ideas to make yours the coolest in school.

Hey there, teachers and classroom superstars! Earth Day is coming up, and you know what that means… time to decorate your bulletin board! But wait – feeling a little stuck on ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This year, ditch the same-old, same-old and WOW your students with a truly epic Earth Day bulletin board.

From super cute to super creative, I’ve got 22 ideas that are guaranteed to turn heads and get your students excited about taking care of our planet.

Imagine a board filled with colorful crafts, inspiring quotes, and interactive activities.

This isn’t just about decoration – it’s about sparking a love for the Earth in your classroom.

So grab your markers, construction paper, and all your green-loving creativity, because I am about to show you how to make the BEST Earth Day bulletin board ever.

The Most Creative Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

#1. Mother Earth

image 279

Credit: @zerowastecalifornia

#2. Earth Day EVERY Day

image 267

Credit: Little Miss Hypothesis

#3. We Love The Earth

image 284

Credit: @buggyaboutkinder

#4. Small Steps Making Changes

image 152

Credit: Green Ribbon Schools

#5. Our Promise to the Earth

image 270

Credit: @sara_killeen

#6. Recycling Center Display

image 126

Credit: Kindergarten Rocks

#7. The 3 R’s Rule

image 281

Credit: @planerium.official

#8. Environmental Superheroes

image 268

Credit: School Girl Style

#9. Treat every day like Earth Day.

image 280

Credit: @nikkileigh_307

#10. We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands

image 271

Credit: The First Grade Parade

#11. We Love Earth

image 285

Credit: @sunnyinclass

#12. Go Planet, it’s your Earth Day and Earth Day Letters

image 275

Credit: @SGTCarrasco_ES

#13. Lorax Bulletin Board

image 269

Credit: You Can Make the Sun Shine Anytime

#14. Our Little Hands can Do Big Things

image 277

Credit: @hey_its_prek

#15. An incredible upcycled tree 

image 272

Credit: Ms. Palefsky’s Art Class

#16. Make Every Day Earth Day

image 273

Credit: @funandfancykathie

#17. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

image 282

Credit: @princesscat4u

#18. Salva El Planeta (Save the Planet)

image 274

Credit: @PorterElem

#19. Be Kind To The Earth

image 283

Credit: @mrslyons_den

#20. Our Class Cares

uTHjru11x c2cd9masx0VO618Sr8VCdu8mSwErath44m7qWOJY0f6fheXSYRiwuiP1j1HGYhgA6lC6z796

Credit: Welcome to Room 36

#21. Earth Day Conservation

image 276

Credit: @NatKnobel

#22. It’s Easy to Be Green

image 278

Credit: PE Central

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