Editorial Guidelines

Welcome, dear friend. I am Alexandra-Rita and I want to give you a peek into the editorial guideline and standard Nova Informer stands and operates by.

How I Conduct Research For The Articles

I do not just write an article because it sounds like a good idea. Every article written is carefully researched. I get experts where it is possible to give their take on things.

Where it is not, My team and I use videos, articles, papers, etc. from reputable and trustworthy sources to do our research. Only after that is the first step of article writing taken: drafting the article.

As for reviews, I personally test some products and where it is impossible to physically test others (let’s be honest, it is not feasible to test everything myself) I rely on feedback from trusted sources like TrustPilot, Reddit, Amazon Reviews, etc. to make my verdict.

How I Keep My Information Free For You

Let’s be honest, information can be very expensive. Nova Informer’s case is not except. Time and money goes into the research work I do before putting out a content.

Thankfully, every piece of tool and information on NovaInformer.com is FREE.

So how are am I able to keep these free despite spending a fortune in time and money on them?

Simple, some of the links on here are affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase from them, I may earn a small commission. I also have ads on the site and I earn a tiny bit of cash (mostly less than a penny) for every view the site gets.

You understand?

Don’t worry, neither of these affect my editorial standard one bit.

I will never recommend a tool, product, service, etc. to you just because I may earn if you should make a purchase through my link.

While I want to make money (who doesn’t) so that we can keep funding this project, I will never sacrifice my conscience and your goodwill and trust for a couple of pennies. Believe me.

The ultimate goal is to help you, because if you are happy, the I am happy.

How I Use AI Content

I know many people are scared of AI and AI written content. I understand why.

While I use AI in the content creation process, I NEVER rely on it 100% to do the research and writing for me.

I use Artificial intelligence as a tool for;

  1. Checking codes,
  2. Sorting text,
  3. Editing and grammar-checking,
  4. Get fresh ideas when I have writers block.
  5. Coming up with image ideas.

I never publish AI-generated content without proofreading and thoroughly editing it. Because at the end of the day, giving you value is the goal and AI is wildly known for giving ‘false facts’ and hallucinating numbers, etc.

In summary, I use AI (writing tools) to help me optimize the content and enhance the reading experience for you.

So you can trust me to serve you articles and content that is of high quality.

Have any question or suggestion? Do not hesitate to text me at novainformer@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful day.