53 Earth Day Crafts Ideas ANYONE Can Do (Even Your Grandma!)

Earth Day Crafts

Crafting fun for EVERYONE! I will show you 53 Earth Day ideas for kids, teens & adults (no experience needed!)

Hey there, my craft-tastic person. Earth Day is coming up (or is already here), and what better way to celebrate than with some awesome crafts? But wait, feeling lost on what to make? We’ve got you covered – with projects for EVERYONE!

This year, ditch the store-bought decorations and get creative with 53 amazing Earth Day crafts. Are you a little kid, a teenager who loves to show off their style, or a grown-up who wants to relax and have some fun?

There’s a perfect project waiting for you.

I’ve got ideas that are super easy (perfect for little hands), totally trendy (teens are gonna LOVE these), and even some challenging projects for adults who want to put their crafting skills to the test.

The best part???

Most of these crafts use stuff you probably already have lying around the house!

So grab your glue, markers, and anything else that sparks your creativity, because I am about to show you 53 Earth Day crafts that are fun, easy, and good for the planet. 🌍 💃

The Best Earth Day Crafts

#1. EASY Egg Carton Art on Canvas (for Kids)

image 327

Get tutorial at Mod Pod Gerocks Blog

#2. Turn Wine Corks Into Stamps

image 305

Get the tutorial at diy candy

#3. Clay Imprints with Plants and Flowers

image 319

Get tutorial at my bright ideas blog

#4. Earth Day Seed Bombs

image 314

Get tutorial at how we play and learn

#5. Watercolor Terrarium Pillow

image 54

Get the tutorial at Flamingo Toes 

#6. Earth Day Necklace with Salt Dough

image 300

Get tutorial at kitchen counter chronicle

#7. Stained Glass Planet Earth

image 325

Get tutorial at my mommy style

#8. Pebble Art

image 43

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda

#9. Earth Day Handprint and Photo Keepsake

image 316

Get tutorial at teach-me-mommy

#10. Mosaic Earth

image 42

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda

#11. Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

image 329

Get tutorial at theseamanmom

#12. Tissue Paper Earth

image 44

Get the tutorial at Sunshine Whispers

#13. Plastic Carton Necklaces

image 318

Get tutorial at little bins for little hands

#14. Altoids Tin Craft

image 298

Get the tutorial at diy candy

#15. Recycled Materials Flower Craft

image 312

Get tutorial at the resourceful mama

#16. Cupcake Liner Daisies

image 310

Get tutorial at buggy and buddy

#17. DIY Earth Day Crayons

image 308

Get tutorial at todays creative life

#18. Faux Greenery Spring Wreath

image 49

Get the tutorial at Alice and Lois 

#18. DIY Key Wind Chime

image 297

Get tutorial at inner child fun

#20. How to Make a Paper Mache Planet Earth

image 307

Get tutorial at the purposeful nest

#21. Floral Pop-Up Card

image 46

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

#22. DIY Egg Carton Flower Crown

image 302

Get tutorial at hello wonderful

#23. Swirled Stamped Earth

image 40

Get the tutorial at I Heart Arts N’ Crafts 

#24. Handprint Craft

Qp4TIOgUOGUVzcz JyJQ2c2TQL76Zf XT2GWcpc8EC XgyIS clNB20HmGe0t9sqT8qqXfKRrxQNCDU54rnkzel6GLpCqHxywiMUZ0I8qhWqp za5OAh0wAwS ml3NUr 96hFERy9Kw0K By7FkloeI

Get the tutorial at ABC’s of Literacy 

#25. Earth Day Garland

image 41

Get the tutorial at Hello Wonderful 

#26. Earth Day Coffee Filter Craft

image 330

Get tutorial at little bins for little hands

#27. Torn Paper Earth Craft

image 309

Get tutorial at crafts on sea

#28. Shaving Cream Painting Craft

image 324

Get tutorial at the simple parent

#29. Milk Carton Birdhouse

4 6rXy2AYNgbXmgCzINREGvuLYXtrAvrkn88DdG8osV o7VV2Z LvYtm6TDMXso06iayiAv8N76Qqlb3ICYopV8OQJc7AQyIO2 nuwFz2PExA5Xs6c2zqeb1Xm6Y BI4b3aBhsh7j4p6yQaw6va1Gc8

Get the tutorial at Happiness is Homemade 

#30. Earth Day Art with Puffy Paint

image 299

Get tutorial at fun littles

#31. Pressed Flowers

NOgvIvU1duhyxBXy U0JugOh04iZwB2smmErR5TG EvWtk5tF1fhrVAQYp00fUeQX07mJdfrnB3KwAwTk7dv8P3c FCYGDssso8kVXPiGhKUqxFgejo vLCcbAhuqppn7nVZ9So8JdEtSbF8vAouUu4

Get the tutorial at Lily Ardor 

#32. Earth Day Slime (Striped Slime)

image 321

Get tutorial at really are you serious

#33. Recycled Newspaper Garland

image 323

Get tutorial at kitchen counter chronicle

#34. Grass Crowns for Earth Day

image 313

Get tutorial at delia creates

#35. Floral Painted Globe

9GHRGJE KvH82ySdKsHpTGY9vRbD6aMGsceHxJpp9RYjqkUlM9RGYrZm407qUJIMkOi5wJAThvYrexqTL626yVdS UPf0Jl5Un8GDJ9YwViYuqqsBZgVwfIoAu3IdizywlWYzKbBqN8STIHkYsXJ2LM

Get the tutorial at Flamingo Toes

#36. Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers

image 311

Get tutorial at books and giggles

#37. Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

image 331

Get the tutorial at diy candy

#38. Earth Day Flowers

image 48

Get the tutorial at ABC’s of Literacy 

#39. Cute Cat Bookmarks From Old Paint Chips

image 306

Get tutorial at diy candy

#40. Mr. Earth Plushie

image 301

Get the tutorial at The Craft Train 

#41. Planet Earth Pom Poms

image 322

Get tutorial at paper-and-glue

#42. Happy Earth vs. Sad Earth

image 326

Get tutorial at crafts by ria

#43. Black Cat Can Pencil Containers

image 303

Get the tutorial at diy candy

#44. Spring Flower Paint Chip Bookmarks

image 320

Get the tutorial at diy candy

#45. Earth Watercolor Art

image 47

Get the tutorial from The Best Ideas for Kids 

#46. Bird Bookends

image 45

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised 

#47. Craft Stick Flower Pots

image 50

Get the tutorial at Typically Simple

#48. Bubble Wrap Printed Earth Craft

image 315

Get tutorial at crafts on sea

#49. Handprint Earth Day Art Project

image 304

Get tutorial at non toy gifts

#50. Unicorn Planters

image 56

Get the tutorial at Hello Wonderful 

#51. Foam Tray Embroidery

image 317

Get tutorial at creative jewish mom

#52. Earth Day Slime

image 52

Get the tutorial at A Sparkle of Genius 

#53. Paper Plate Earth Day Hands

image 328

Get tutorial at glued to my crafts blog

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