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7+ COOL Easter Bread Recipes That Are Sure to Impress You

Easter breads recipes

Benvenuti, my friends! Easter is a time for joy, family, and of course, incredible bread.

These Easter bread recipes are the perfect way to bring a touch of sweetness and warmth to your holiday celebration.

What are the BEST Easter Bread Recipes?

1. Flavorite is Easter Bread Recipe

easter bread

This classic recipe captures the essence of Easter with its golden braids and sweet glaze. The soft, pillowy bread is infused with notes of citrus and warm spices, making it a delightful accompaniment to your Easter feast.

Get the Flavorite is Easter Bread recipe.

2. Sweet Braided Easter Bread with Raisins

Sweet Braided Easter Bread with Raisins 1 1

The sweet braided bread is a true delight, with plump raisins nestled into the soft, sweet dough. The aroma of warm spices and vanilla will fill your kitchen with the scent of Easter morning.

Get the Sweet Braided Easter Bread with Raisins recipe.

3. Greek Easter Bread (Tsoureki)

Greek Easter Bread or Tsoureki 8687

This traditional Greek Easter bread is a true masterpiece, with its stunning braided design and rich, buttery flavor. The sweet glaze and sprinkle of sliced almonds add the perfect finishing touch to this festive treat.

Get the Greek Easter Bread (Tsoureki) recipe.

4. Bread Maker Babka (Ukrainian Easter Bread)

Babka Ukrainian Easter Bread Recipe 1

Embrace the flavors of Ukraine with this delicious bread maker babka, a soft and sweet bread swirled with rich chocolate or fruity fillings. It is the perfect addition to your Easter brunch or dessert table.

Get the Bread Maker Babka (Ukrainian Easter Bread) recipe.

5. Easter Bunny Dinner Breadsticks

Easter Bunny Rolls Plated Cravings 4

These adorable Easter bunny breadsticks are sure to bring smiles to the faces of both kids and adults alike. With their savory herb flavor and fun shape, they’re the perfect accompaniment to your Easter dinner. Get the Easter Bunny Dinner Breadsticks recipe.

6. Paska (Ukrainian Easter Bread)

Paska Eastern European Easter Bread 4

This rich and buttery Paska bread is a beloved Ukrainian Easter tradition, with its intricate braided design and notes of vanilla and citrus. It is a true labor of love that will make your Easter celebration even more special. Get the Paska (Ukrainian Easter Bread) recipe.

7. Italian Easter Bread


Bring a taste of Italy to your Easter table with this classic Italian Easter bread, featuring a soft, sweet dough and a vibrant egg-wash glaze. Its simple yet delicious flavor is sure to become a new family favorite.

Get the Italian Easter Bread recipe.

8. Italian Easter Bread (Pane di Pasqua)

Italian Easter bread recipe 2

This traditional Italian Easter bread, also known as Pane di Pasqua, is a true celebration of spring flavors. With its light, airy texture and hints of citrus and anise, it is the perfect accompaniment to your Easter feast.

Get the Italian Easter Bread (Pane di Pasqua) recipe.

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