5 NEW-ish Eye Makeup Ideas that are Worth Trying

eye makeup ideas

Want to slay with your eye makeup but short on ideas? Look no further! This post has 5 stunning eye makeup looks you can create for any occasion. ✨

Ever stare into your makeup bag overflowing with eyeshadow palettes, feeling lost?

You’re not alone, sweetie.

Sometimes, all that colour can be overwhelming, leaving you wondering what on earth to put on your eyelids. But fear not.

This post is your one-stop shop for slamming eye makeup looks. We’ve got five dazzling ideas you can whip up in no time, using what you probably already have.

So grab your brushes, get ready to unleash your inner makeup artist, and let’s play with some colours!

#1. Flower Lashes Eye Art

image 35

Credit: @sarahbrownphoto

#2. Star-Themed Eye Art

epic eye art

Credit: @raincornelius

3. Sunbeam-Inspired Eye Art

epic eye art

Credit: @raincornelius

4. Cloud Liner Eye Art

image 11

Credit: @nikki_makeup

5. Flowery Eye Lids epic eye art

Credit: @alyssainthecity

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