Make $7,000 Every Month by Doing Surveys: Simple Steps to Big Money

make money doing surveys

Discover how to make $7,000 every month by doing surveys. Learn the best survey sites, tips for success, and how to avoid scams. Start earning today!

Do you want to make $7,000 every month by doing surveys? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s possible with the right strategies.

This guide will show you how to earn extra money online with surveys that pay cash. Let’s jump in and learn how to make money with paid surveys.

1. Find Legit Paid Survey Sites

Why Choose Legit Sites?

Not all survey sites are trustworthy. It’s important to choose legitimate paid survey sites to avoid scams and ensure you get paid.

How to Start

  1. Research Trusted Sites: Look for reviews and recommendations for legit paid survey sites.
  2. Sign Up: Create accounts on several top paid survey sites.
  3. Complete Your Profile: Fill out your profile completely to get matched with the best surveys.

Tips for Success

  • Use sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Vindale Research.
  • Check reviews on websites like Trustpilot.
  • Avoid sites that ask for payment to join.

2. Create a Schedule

Why Have a Schedule?

Having a schedule helps you stay organized and ensures you spend enough time on surveys to make good money.

How to Start

  1. Set Daily Goals: Decide how much time you will spend on surveys each day.
  2. Choose the Best Times: Find out when new surveys are posted and plan to take them quickly.
  3. Track Your Earnings: Keep a record of how much you earn from each site.

Tips for Success

  • Aim to spend at least 3-4 hours a day on surveys.
  • Be consistent and stick to your schedule.
  • Use a planner or calendar to stay organized.

3. Use Multiple Survey Sites

Why Use Multiple Sites?

Using multiple survey sites increases your chances of finding high-paying surveys and earning more money.

How to Start

  1. Join Several Sites: Sign up for at least 5-10 top paid survey sites.
  2. Check Daily: Log in to each site daily to find new surveys.
  3. Prioritize High-Paying Surveys: Focus on surveys that offer the most money for your time.

Tips for Success

  • Use a spreadsheet to track your accounts and earnings.
  • Look for sites that offer bonuses for regular participation.
  • Avoid sites with low payout rates.

4. Complete Your Profile

Why Complete Your Profile?

Completing your profile helps survey sites match you with surveys that fit your demographics, increasing your chances of qualifying.

How to Start

  1. Be Honest: Provide accurate information about your age, income, interests, and more.
  2. Update Regularly: Keep your profile information up to date.
  3. Add Details: The more detailed your profile, the more surveys you will qualify for.

Tips for Success

  • Check for profile update reminders from survey sites.
  • Include all relevant details about your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Use the same email address for all survey sites to stay organized.

5. Look for High-Paying Surveys

Why Focus on High-Paying Surveys?

High-paying surveys help you earn more money in less time.

How to Start

  1. Filter Surveys: Use filters on survey sites to find the highest-paying surveys.
  2. Join Premium Panels: Some sites offer premium panels that pay more.
  3. Take Longer Surveys: Longer surveys often pay more, so don’t ignore them.

Tips for Success

  • Focus on surveys that pay at least $1 for every 5-10 minutes.
  • Look for product testing opportunities, which often pay well.
  • Participate in focus groups and interviews when available.

6. Cash Out Regularly

Why Cash Out Regularly?

Cashing out regularly ensures you receive your earnings and protects you from losing money if a site shuts down.

How to Start

  1. Know the Payout Thresholds: Each survey site has a minimum amount you need to earn before you can cash out.
  2. Choose Your Payment Method: Decide if you want to be paid via PayPal, gift cards, or direct bank deposit.
  3. Set Reminders: Keep track of when you reach payout thresholds and request your earnings.

Tips for Success

  • Cash out as soon as you reach the minimum threshold.
  • Use PayPal for quick and easy payments.
  • Avoid letting your earnings sit on the site for too long.

Table: Top Paid Survey Sites

Survey SiteAverage Earnings Per SurveyPayout ThresholdPayment Methods
Swagbucks$0.50 – $5$3 – $25PayPal, Gift Cards
Survey Junkie$1 – $3$10PayPal, Gift Cards
Vindale Research$1 – $5$50PayPal, Check
Pinecone Research$3$3PayPal, Gift Cards
InboxDollars$0.50 – $5$30Check, Prepaid Visa

7. Use Survey Apps

Why Use Survey Apps?

Survey apps make it easy to take surveys on the go, so you can earn money wherever you are.

How to Start

  1. Download Apps: Install survey apps on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Enable Notifications: Turn on notifications to get alerts for new surveys.
  3. Take Surveys Anywhere: Complete surveys while commuting, waiting in line, or during breaks.

Tips for Success

  • Use apps like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Google Opinion Rewards.
  • Keep your device charged and ready.
  • Take advantage of short surveys that you can complete quickly.

8. Refer Friends and Family

Why Refer Others?

Many survey sites offer referral bonuses, so you can earn extra money by inviting others to join.

How to Start

  1. Share Your Referral Links: Use your referral links to invite friends and family.
  2. Explain the Benefits: Let them know how they can make money with surveys too.
  3. Earn Bonuses: Get rewarded for each person who signs up and completes surveys.

Tips for Success

  • Share your links on social media and in online forums.
  • Encourage referrals to complete their profiles and surveys.
  • Follow up with referrals to ensure they are active.

9. Stay Organized

Why Stay Organized?

Staying organized helps you keep track of your survey sites, earnings, and payouts.

How to Start

  1. Create a Spreadsheet: Use a spreadsheet to track your accounts, survey completions, and earnings.
  2. Set Reminders: Use calendar reminders for survey deadlines and payout requests.
  3. Keep Records: Save emails and screenshots of survey confirmations and payments.

Tips for Success

  • Update your spreadsheet regularly.
  • Keep a backup of your records.
  • Review your progress and adjust your strategies as needed.

10. Avoid Survey Scams

Why Avoid Scams?

Avoiding scams protects you from wasting time and potentially losing money.

How to Start

  1. Research Sites: Only join well-known and reputable survey sites.
  2. Read Reviews: Check reviews on Trustpilot and other review sites.
  3. Avoid Red Flags: Be cautious of sites that ask for upfront payments or promise unrealistic earnings.

Tips for Success

  • Never pay to join a survey site.
  • Be cautious of surveys that ask for sensitive information.
  • Report scam sites to protect others.

Take Note

Making $7,000 every month by doing surveys is possible with dedication and the right strategies.

By joining legit paid survey sites, creating a schedule, and using multiple platforms, you can maximize your earnings. Stay organized, avoid scams, and cash out regularly to ensure you get paid.

Start today and turn your free time into a profitable online income!

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