57 Super Easy Ways to Make Money in 6th Grade

how to make money in 6th grade

Discover 57 easy ways for 6th graders to make money! From summer jobs and online gigs to creative projects, find the perfect job to earn extra cash.

Making money while you’re in 6th grade can be fun and easy! You can do many things to earn some extra cash, whether during summer, after school, or online.

This article will give you 57 fantastic ideas to start making money as a 6th grader.

Let’s get started!

Online Jobs for Teens

1. Taking Online Surveys

Many companies pay for your opinions! Sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie offer rewards for answering simple questions.

2. Watching Videos Online

Platforms like InboxDollars pay you to watch short videos and advertisements.

3. Playing Games

Did you know you can earn money by playing games? Apps like Mistplay reward you for playing and reviewing games.

4. Selling Handmade Crafts

If you like making things, try selling them on Etsy. It’s a great way to turn your hobbies into money.

5. Starting a YouTube Channel

Share what you love, like playing video games or doing crafts, and earn money from ads and sponsors.

6. Tutoring Other Kids

If you’re good at a subject, offer online tutoring sessions. Websites like Wyzant can help you get started.

7. Freelance Writing

Write articles or stories for websites. Platforms like Fiverr let you offer writing services to people who need them.

8. Creating Digital Art

Design cool digital stickers or prints and sell them online.

9. Reviewing Books or Products

Websites pay for honest reviews of books and products. You can sign up for sites like Kirkus Reviews for book reviews.

10. Selling Photos

If you love photography, sell your pictures on sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.

Summer Jobs for Teens

11. Lemonade Stand

This classic summer job is fun and can earn you some cash on hot days.

12. Dog Walking

Many people need help walking their dogs. Offer your services in your neighborhood.

13. Lawn Mowing

Mowing lawns for neighbors is a great way to make money during the summer.

14. Car Washing

Set up a car wash station in your driveway or offer to wash cars at people’s homes.

15. Babysitting

Take a babysitting course to learn the basics and start looking after kids in your area.

16. House Sitting

When neighbors go on vacation, offer to take care of their homes and pets.

17. Pet Sitting

Look after pets when their owners are away. It’s fun and a great way to make money.

18. Gardening Help

Help neighbors with their gardens by weeding, planting, and watering.

19. Selling Snacks or Drinks

Set up a stand selling snacks or drinks at local events or parks.

20. Recycling Bottles and Cans

Collect bottles and cans to recycle for cash. It’s good for the environment and your wallet!

After School Jobs

21. Homework Helper

Help younger kids with their homework after school.

22. Organizing Closets

Offer to organize closets or toy rooms for friends and family.

23. Library Assistant

See if your local library needs help shelving books or tidying up.

24. Tutor Younger Kids

Help younger students with subjects they find difficult.

25. Delivering Newspapers

Deliver newspapers in your neighborhood. It’s a great way to earn money and get exercise.

26. Running Errands

Run small errands for busy neighbors, like picking up groceries or dry cleaning.

27. Cleaning Services

Offer cleaning services for homes or offices after school.

28. Setting Up Events

Help set up or clean up local events, like school dances or community gatherings.

29. Tech Support for Seniors

Help older adults with their computers and phones.

30. Music Lessons

If you play an instrument, offer lessons to beginners.

Creative Ways to Make Money

31. Writing Stories

Write and sell short stories or books. Kids’ stories are always in demand!

32. Painting or Drawing

Create and sell your artwork at local markets or online.

33. Making Jewelry

Design and sell handmade jewelry.

34. Baking and Selling Treats

Bake cookies, cupcakes, or other treats and sell them at school or local events.

35. Making T-Shirts

Design and sell custom T-shirts online using sites like Teespring.

36. Selling Customized School Supplies

Decorate and sell custom notebooks, pens, and other school supplies.

37. Creating Greeting Cards

Make and sell handmade greeting cards for holidays and special occasions.

38. Hosting a Talent Show

Organize a talent show and charge a small fee for entry.

39. Crafting Homemade Soap

Make and sell homemade soap. It’s fun and easy to learn!

40. Organizing Yard Sales

Gather items you no longer need and sell them in a yard sale.

Helping Others

41. Teaching Sports

Teach younger kids how to play sports like soccer, basketball, or baseball.

42. Assisting at Daycares

Help out at local daycare centers.

43. Volunteering for Money

Sometimes, volunteers get small stipends for their work, especially at events.

44. Helping with Tech

Assist people with setting up new devices or troubleshooting tech problems.

45. Offering Senior Services

Help seniors with chores, tech, or just keeping them company.

46. Tutoring Special Skills

If you have a unique skill, like juggling or magic, teach it to others.

47. Reading to Others

Read to kids or seniors who love stories but can’t read on their own.

48. Organizing Community Cleanups

Organize cleanups in your neighborhood and charge a small fee for participation.

49. Running Errands for Seniors

Help seniors with shopping, picking up prescriptions, or other errands.

50. Teaching Craft Classes

Offer classes in knitting, crocheting, or other crafts.

Sell Your Stuff

51. Selling Old Toys

Sell toys you no longer play with online or at yard sales.

52. Selling Clothes

Outgrown clothes can be sold to second-hand stores or online.

53. Selling Books

Sell books you’ve already read to a local bookstore or online.

54. Selling Video Games

Sell video games you no longer play on sites like eBay or at game stores.

55. Selling Collectibles

If you collect anything, like stamps or cards, sell them to other collectors.

56. Selling Handmade Crafts

Make and sell crafts like friendship bracelets or painted rocks.

57. Starting a Mini Store

Sell items like candy or school supplies to friends.

Extra Tips and Life Hacks

Here are some extra tips to help you get started and make the most money:

  1. Be Reliable: Always do your best and be on time. People will trust you more and hire you again.
  2. Advertise Your Services: Make flyers or use social media to let people know what you’re offering.
  3. Save Some Money: Try to save some of your earnings. This will help you buy something special or start a bigger project later.
  4. Get Permission: Always check with your parents before starting any job or business.
  5. Have Fun: Choose jobs that you enjoy. If you have fun, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and do a great job.

Quick Overview Table

Job TypeExample JobsBest For
Online JobsSurveys, Watching VideosTech-Savvy Kids
Summer JobsLemonade Stand, Dog WalkingOutdoor Jobs
After School JobsHomework Helper, OrganizingAfter School
Creative JobsWriting Stories, Making JewelryCreative Minds
Helping OthersTeaching Sports, ReadingHelping People
Selling StuffToys, Clothes, BooksDecluttering

Remember, making money in 6th grade can be fun and rewarding. Whether you’re helping out in your community, selling your creations, or working online, there are plenty of ways to earn extra cash.

So, pick something you love and get started today!

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