13 Extremely CREATIVE Polaroid Picture Ideas

polaroid picture ideas

Get ready to capture unforgettable moments. Get 12 fun and creative Polaroid picture ideas that will make your instant photos shine.

Hey there, photo lover. Polaroid cameras are back in a big way, and for good reason.

There’s something so special about capturing a fleeting moment and having a tangible photo to hold onto. But sometimes, you might feel a little stuck on ideas.

Fear not!

This post is here to spark your creativity with 12 super fun Polaroid picture ideas that are easy to do and guaranteed to capture those special moments perfectly.

Let’s get snapping.

The Best Polaroid Picture Ideas

#1. A Unique Selfie idea

image 132

“Self Portrait” by Gene Pease

#2. Use Polaroid photos to tell a story

image 133

#3. Make a Polaroid travel journal

image 135


#4. Creative portrait compositions

663tXzh7 UNZgnuhhEoFVcCSUF01qHc50SVZrblvad0s76 kiu4UyXmTjJ8bIc r47LGQ6KWqBhsN4FYfs5dvCNT uwMDN gE5se vLGCfMOmoZaWlWCZszdUp8YCebLompeZvnZKMOagnmS LAbV0

Unique Portrait Compositions

#5. Make a multiple split frame landscape photo

image 137

Winter Tree by Petr Klabal

#6. Add photos to your travel itinerary map

image 10

By highways and byways by LivinglySSJewelry

#7. Write overlay captions on your pictures to tell a story

image 136

credit: Jen Gotch

#8. Project 365

image 134

Project 365 by Mental Floss

#9. Make a composite portrait using varying zoom distance

image 129

Remo Camerota’s new “Polaroid Portraits” Project

#10. Make a DIY LED string light headboard with photos

image 130

#11. Split screen couples portrait

oEX0NV8HoCz6VB88XJ7y02p fp gxtPHp9nsAabRLiofoeDzdM565D Mfw75xRz1L9WOyr7YqRElKdTInUTTBryVhl1QBdQ09sO TVhaY6i13iTUmKidP4AEMdcY0PnQlK6T k iZ0Y1LwfacK8faFE

“Together” by Alyson

#12. Take a picture of a picture

image 131

By Jordan J Lee

#13. Make a Triptych Gallery with a Polaroid split frame panorama

N8fEittdeG9zuGwpJhaxB5zMBMoQCQrA e9WBZO77fKMdOwNhVc8tztoYYlkt10tvd nq87rlShUirMz2z6HhpO7wE65uYMPnwdbD5AoO0HhTXJdzrrCLHzytdHuqXkbilo9dMU4ifNnmy8vHEcIQ

Firenze and the snow by Giorgio Verdiani

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