28 Pride Nail Designs That Will Make You Proud AF (And They’re Surprisingly Easy!)

Pride nails

Celebrate Pride with 28 beautiful and colorful nail designs that are perfect for expressing yourself and showing your support.

Pride Month is here, and we’re ready to celebrate with nails that scream LOVE IS LOVE. Seriously, your nails are the perfect canvas for expressing your pride, spreading joy, and showcasing your unique style.

Whether you’re hitting up a parade, a party, or just want to feel fabulous in your everyday life, we’ve got you covered with 27 nail designs that will make you proud AF.

Why Pride Nails?

  • They’re a Symbol of Love: Pride nails are a vibrant way to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • They’re Creative & Expressive: Let your nails be a reflection of your personality and pride.
  • They Spark Conversations: Get ready for compliments and questions about your fabulous nails!

Nail It with These Designs:

1. Dried Florals

Dried Florals

Credit: lolo.nailedit

2. Outline Hearts

Outline Hearts

Credit: @thehangedit

3. Slanted Tips

Slanted Tips

Credit: @disseynails

4. Geometric


Credit: @thehangedit

5. Minimalist Cutout

Minimalist Cutout

Credit: @thehangedit

6. All Stripes

All Stripes

Credit: @disseynails

7. Melting


Credit: lolo.nailedit

8. Happy Flowers

Happy Flowers

Credit: @jess_nails_it

9. Glowy Gradient

Glowy Gradient

Credit: @danaturenails

10. Twinkle in Pride

Twinkle in Pride

Credit: @thehangedit

11. Underlined Rainbow French

Underlined Rainbow French

Credit: @nails_by__bridgett

12. Tie-Dye

Tie Dye

Credit: lolo.nailedit

13. Bloom in Pride

Bloom in Pride

Credit: @thehangedit

14. Striped Angled Tips

Striped Angled Tips

Credit: @julieknailsnyc

15. Rainbow French

Rainbow French

Credit: @fleuryrosenails

16. Shimmery Sheers

Shimmery Sheers

Credit: @danaturenails

17. Pink and Blue Frenchie

Pink and Blue Frenchie

Credit: @lauradidmynails

18. Chrome French

Chrome French

Credit: @julieknailsnyc

19. Rainbow Waves

Rainbow Waves

Credit: @disseynails

20. Space Bears

Space Bears

Credit: @fleuryrosenails

21. Berry Ombré

Berry Ombre

Credit: lolo.nailedit

22. Blooms All Day

Blooms All Day

Credit: @tipsxtara

23. Half Moons

Half Moons

Credit: @jess_nails_it

24. Multicolored Plaid

Multicolored Plaid

Credit: @madnails

25. Playful Pastels

Playful Pastels

Credit: @thehangedit

26. Watercolor Jelly

Watercolor Jelly

Credit: @madnails

27. Tiny Rainbow

Tiny Rainbow

Credit: @thehangedit

28. Tetris


Credit: @thehangedit

DIY or Salon? Many of these designs are surprisingly easy to recreate at home with a little practice and the right tools.

But if you’re feeling fancy or want a more intricate look, head to your favorite salon and let a professional work their magic.

Let Your Nails Shine!

No matter how you choose to express yourself, let your nails be a symbol of love, acceptance, and pride.

Happy Pride Month, everyone! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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