24 AWESOME Spring Bulletin Boards For Classrooms in 2024

Spring bulletin board

Spring is here. But your classrom’s bulletin board is looking a little… bare? No worries, this post has 100 cheerful spring bulletin board ideas to brighten your classroom.

Hey there, my crafty teacher friend. Is you classroom spring bulletin board looking a little, well, uninspired. Don’t you worry, chin up.

This post gives you about 100 incredible spring bulletin board ideas that are easy on the wallet and big on wow factor.

So, grab your scissors, construction paper, and get ready to showcase your creativity.

#1. Create a flower of handprints

Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: Shannon Sullivan

#2. Growth Minded

April Showers Bulletin Board

Credit: @sucka_b_real

7. Bee amazing all spring long

Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: Cathy Ross

#3. Bug out about spring

Spring bulletin board

Credit: Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect

#4. Shower them with springtime math

Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: The Edgy Educator

#5. How does your garden grow?

Garden Bulletin Board

Credit: @chicagoteacherstore

#6. Bloom

Bloom - Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: @iskulo

#7. A butterfly bulletin board

Bulletin board with words fluttering into spring

Credit: @tolebabe

#8. Never stop growing

Bulletin board with the sun and words Never stop growing

Credit: @mcquaglet

1. Leave winter behind

Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: Chicago Teacher Store

#9. Walk into spring with a good book

Walk into spring with a good book

Credit: @greatlibrarydisplays

#10. Assemble a shower of test tips

Spring bulletin board

Credit: Supply Me

#11. Swing into spring

Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: PE Central

#12. Hello spring

Hello Spring bulletin board

Credit: @ashdukexo

#13. Enjoy the showers and flowers

Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: Miss Nancy 3S

#14. If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies - Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: @just_tee_cota

#15. Books make your mind bloom

Bulletin board with words Books make your mind bloom

Credit: @vsammi77

#16. Inching into summer

Bulletin board with words Inching into Summer

Credit: @malaiphuong

#17. Spring toward success

End of Year Bulletin Board Tony Pinterest

Credit: Tony Morales

21. Let your imagination bloom

Bulletin board with words let your imagination bloom!

Credit: Teaching and Tapas

#18. Let your creative side flow

Bulletin board with words Welcome Spring!

Credit: @mecm91

#19. When we learn, we grow!!!

When we learn we grow - Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: @cultured_classroom

#20. For the teacher with a green thumb

Bulletin board with words Minds grow here

Credit: @hangingwithmrshulsey

#21. Fly away on spring breezes

Spring bulletin board

Credit: Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room

#22. Spring is in the air

Spring is the in air bulletin board

Credit: @poppingintokinder

#23. Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly

Your Wings Already Exist - All You Have to Do is Fly - Spring Bulletin Boards

Credit: @mssolimansclass

#24. April showers

Bulletin board with words April Showers bring May Flowers

Credit: @as_you_wish

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