59 Absolutely Cute Spring Nails

Spring Nail ideas

Spring is here for good. Show off your fresh start with 103 stunning nail art ideas for every taste and occasion.

Hey there, gorgeous. Spring has sprung, and it’s time to ditch those winter blues. You get???

What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with some beautiful new nail art?

If there is, please tell me.

I’ve got tons of creative ideas, from sweet and simple to bold and beautiful. This is perfect for both pros and beginners alike.

So grab your favorite polishes, get comfy, and let’s paint your way into spring. 😏

These are the Best Spring Nails Design Ideas in 2024

#1. Green Tips

spring nail designs

Image credit : Ingrid

#2. Wildflower Wildflower Spring Nail Design

Image credit: Emma

#3. Lucid Dreaming

spring nail designs

Image credit : Stefanie

#4. Royal Blue Nails

spring nail designs

Image credit : Faustyna

#5. Pastel Lilac

Pastel Lilac nails

Image credit : Tiffany

#6. Manifesting Spring

spring nail designs

Image credit : Stefanie

#7. Spring Candy Swirl Nails

Spring Candy Swirl Nails

Image credit: Bryony

#8. Blue and White Frenchies

o5xxZkEV6i3 KnFp81mY5tckZ7 ZlRE tQcYKBP sPMjuN6wkJuSJWr5EDJop18hhqPNt L28JvxsWEt0wO15hVs25b9CYYI ppJXe T 68Ph8PaqOm n6LILY6RRELWQWJRN6f1RMNrScydsVL0Sk

Image credit: heluviee

#9. Orange Spring Swirls

Orange Spring Swirls

Image credit: Aimee

#10. Colorful Flowers


Image credit: phoebesummernails

#11. Blue Nails with Flowers

spring nail designs

Image credit : Stefanie

#12. Sparkly Florals Nails

Sparkly Florals Nails

Image credit: Aiste

#13. Little Embossed Flowers

Little Embossed Flowers nails

Image credit: San Sung Kim

#14. Colorful Tips

8DmeCkU9KF2Q9WPLTGZx7a4iS3V3RdX7Rm DfL4f3PqkGWIATJ8OYydF b9GiN9Oc Z9WP8 xmRHQUk2fXu2beS2TQdgc5RImeLWVHN x WKTo3jvc12UMJ9FksvC7 tm jCDFAQOyVT8ZUlKhXDcJU

Image credit: heluviee

#15. Smiley Mint Nails

spring nail designs

Image credit : Dena

#16. Hot Pink

Hot Pink Spring Nail Designs

Image credit: Milica

#17. Pink Flower 

igMdo1MGFL7D1D5MInJtwZ60c9BKMMO AwvAeIaRHYs6LMQDb1sLqh 27yuUMmaWWpViGy0Cf0Hkg2Wbzt 2T8gkgd148uqjHhGUiIrypvL07ECxN167NC27ecRxIX5el6kXAr rM87R3C0m5znLBs

Image credit: heluviee

#18. CareBears Nails

spring nail designs

Image credit : Stacey

#19. Yellow Daisies Nails

Yellow Daisies Nails

Image credit: Tiffany

#20. Delicate Nails With Dotted Florals

cH2tltPKhUkEUdftKImwqapA7dhcLhYdoJ7Un UvxXCDF5OZXwRzJyr 0OBfwJaL Dx0NLck 7tRCFATY4pJds3S9bL3Gwupt7v41HbjqeH2IvnH1Q463v4qCZAInvV5Kx VOoU aurAVTst LJU3PU

Image credit: polished_yogi

#21. Trendy Spring Swirls

Trendy Spring Swirls

Image credit : Bryony

#22. Spring Vibes Only

Spring Vibes Only

Image credit: Milica

#23. Shades of Blue

spring nail designs

Image credit : Tiffany

#24. The Golden Thread 

The Golden Thread Spring Nails

Image credit: Alexandra

#25. Mother Nature 

Mother Nature Spring Nails

Image credit: Alexandra

#26. Blue Frenchies with Butterflies

Blue Frenchies with Butterflies

Image credit: Syd

#27. Royal Blue with Daisy Flower Nails

Royal Blue with Daisy Flower Nails

Image credit: Syd

#28. Proper Yellow Spring Nail Color

bRmLGuqiVqu9yXGqp b0KZyoxZG5ez5adCbk6jAwo35tpc

Image credit: Amber

#29. Barbie 

wVP2SwC7vVCVKneeYj1Kur7XVAc8J1ZJ vmd7TOVQisuk6Rx576wLLd1WTtPOxlkHZr6

Image credit: nailsbynicole.__

#30. Spring Eggshell

Spring Eggshell Nail design

Image credit: Aiste

#31. Matcha Mondays

Matcha Mondays

Image credit : Stefanie

#32. Make Your Own Luck

spring nail designs

Image credit : Stefanie

#33. Euphoria 

Euphoria Spring Nails

Image credit: Karen

#34. Pastel Tips

Pastel Tips

Image credit : Monika

#35. Minty Spring Swirls

Minty Spring Swirls

Image credit: Amber

#36. Wavy French 

Wavy French Spring Nails

Image credit: Amber

#37. Oopsy Daisy 

Oopsy Daisy Spring Nails

Image credit: Emma

#38. Spring Loading Nails

Spring Loading Nails

Image credit: Emma 

#39. Spring Floral Nails

spring nail designs

Image credit : Karen

#40. Pink French Nails

We5 4zc2StqXuFvlTTQCivQYjPw0r15IqfyORYJqOO3DAzbOWSZSUlzOOy fP MW0N1S8dZ AqgZC1wisiLn2vhA3RhDzbM6

Image credit: vivianmariewong

#41. Warm  Swirls

AWcqpETQGOU fTYmbeLGYmmq5rL pIEO pmUC8mrtCq6w U7iK1pzswN9jU0dME3TcFHvu GsCJ3yvd0j4ErOYI6gf68lnHvlv K6NxIiM5VdfBNVeTLRC32n4fPUYJFtOpgybCbC8KfA7tpa7 8Tc

Image credit: nail.art.by.tea

#42. Nude and White French Nails

vjw7fBWpfA329tLA8gb6sLWq5w7wJUhmFvlxhbg6sig L5TNYwNxBaM2itZWdUr9mbSMBdo9XiDq eLpUIPciKJ4O8isWkdApC6

Image credit: nailsbynicole.__

#43. Lemon Sorbet

spring nail designs

Image credit : Syd

#44. Ocean Eye Nail Design

Ocean Eye Nail Design

Image credit: Alexandra

#45. Multi-Colored


Image credit: kcnailsx

#46. Feeling Tropical

spring nail designs

Image credit : Karen

#47. My Dream My Dream Spring NailsImage credit: Franci

#48. Pastel Colors Blockspring nail designsImage credit : Syd

#49. Spring Pastel Purple Nails

TlhoXWFWH0Ze3GXhZb6MBAcSz3ueRkXp1C4OYXvFvWH7fEWxTN1OtyJfAU9tmDCbbFEnqILbd3sUY3jppo6RzHaFoZmwM7UDkXpCt3P1DSAXbYRTxG nYVy4ix6U OinjH2e bR33

Image credit: heluviee

#50. Soft Flower Petalsspring nail designsImage credit : Stefanie

#51. Wavy spring Nail TipsWavy spring Nail TipsImage credit: amber

#52. Green Tips with Small FlowersGreen Tips with Small FlowersImage credit : Faustyna

#53. Blink Bang NailsBlink Bang NailsImage credit : Faustyna

#54. Bold and Bright NailsBold and Bright NailsImage credit : Zoe

#55. Negative Space FloralsNegative Space FloralsImage credit : Stefanie

#56. Midweek Blues NailsMidweek Blues NailsImage credit : Stefanie

#57. Minty NailsYeq7ZTImage credit : Tiffany

#58. Spring Daisiesspring nail designsImage credit : Karen

#59. Mixed Colors spring nail designsImage credit : Faustyna

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