Square Nails for Summer

Orangish Neon French Nails

Square nails are having a moment this summer. See over 43 dazzling designs you can DIY at home – no salon required!

Hey, nail lovers! If you haven’t tried square nails yet, this summer is your time to shine. Seriously, these nails are everywhere, and they look amazing on everyone. Square nails are just so chic and versatile, you can dress them up or down to match your mood and style.

Ready for some major nail inspo? We’ve rounded up 43 of the hottest square nail ideas that are perfect for summer.

Whether you’re into vibrant colors, minimalist designs, or a little bit of sparkle, we’ve got you covered.

Why Square Nails?

  • Trendy: Square nails are super on-trend right now. You’ll see them all over Instagram and TikTok.
  • Flattering: They elongate your fingers and make them look more slender.
  • Easy to Maintain: Unlike pointy nails, square nails are less likely to break or snag.
  • Versatile: You can rock any design on square nails, from bold patterns to classic French tips.

Summer Square Nail Designs You Will LOVE

1. Cobalt Reverse French

Cobalt Reverse French

Credit: @iramshelton

2. Flower Tips

Flower Tips

Credit: @giangnail.ie

3. Ice Cream Art

Ice Cream Art nail

Credit: @nailsfromnars

4. Pink Geode Nails

Pink Geode Nails

Credit: @amyle.nails

5. Rainbow Dance Nails

Rainbow Dance Nails

Credit: @nuka.nails

6. Soft Orange Touch

Soft Orange Touch

Credit: @miathelabel_

7. Swirly Fiery Swoops

Swirly Fiery Swoops

Credit: @amyle.nails

8. Floral Outline Nails

Floral Outline Nails

Credit: @giangnail.ie

9. Mixed Prints

Mixed Prints

Credit: @brownluxenails

10. Orangish Neon French Nails

Orangish Neon French Nails

Credit: @nuka.nails

11. Orange Tips

Orange Tips

Credit: @mel.loves.nails

12. Lavender Haze

Lavender Haze


13. Dreamy Blue

Dreamy Blue

Credit: @izzynaileddit

14. Watermelon Tips

Watermelon Tips

Credit: @amyle.nails

15. Green Aura Nails

Green Aura Nails

Credit: @myprettyset

16. Petals and Glitter

Petals and Glitter

Credit: @elennailedit

17. Checkerboard Nails

Checkerboard Nails

Credit: @brownluxenails

18. Colorful Swirl

Colorful Swirl

Credit: @_ashthomp

19. Matte Red French

Matte Red French

Credit: @digitzbydev

20. Flower Touches On French Tips

Flower Touches On French Tips

Credit: @giangnail.ie

21. Holographic Polish

Holographic Polish

Credit: @betina.goldstein

22. Simple Flowery Nails

Simple Flowery Nails

Credit: @nailssbylizzy

23. Hibiscus French Manicure

Hibiscus French Manicure

Credit: @nuka.nails

24. Petal Confetti

Petal Confetti

Credit: @nylove_nail

25. Multi-Colored Crocodile Print

Multi Colored Crocodile Print

Credit: @nuka.nails

26. Neon Yin-Yangs

Neon Yin Yangs

Credit: @amyle.nails

27. Pastel Panache

Pastel Panache

Credit: @nailsbycaroline_

28. Pop of Pastel Colors

Pop of Pastel Colors

Credit: @afreshset

29. Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Credit: @myprettyset

30. Barbiecore Squares

Barbiecore Squares

Credit: @tombachik

31. Cotton Candy Skittles

Cotton Candy Skittles

Credit: @melenated.mani

32. Green Tips

Green Tips

Credit: @mel.loves.nails

33. Subtle Squiggles

Subtle Squiggles

Credit: @amyle.nails

34. Pink Aura Nails

Pink Aura Nails

Credit: @myprettyset

35. Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Credit: @simplybeauty_bridgend

36. Beachy Vibes

Beachy Vibes

Credit: @nylove_nail

37. Neon Prints

Neon Prints

Credit: @imarninails

38. Strawberry Squares

Strawberry Squares

Credit: @tinybrushes

39. Golden Tips

Golden Tips nails

Credit: @nuka.nails

40. Watercolor Nails

Watercolor Nails

Credit: @betina.goldstein

41. Green Glazed Donut Nails

Green Glazed Donut Nails

Credit: @melenated.mani

42. Jelly French

Jelly French

Credit: @betina_goldstein

43. Candy Dreams

Candy Dreams nails

Credit: @publicdesire

DIY or Salon?

The best part? You don’t need to be a nail pro to rock these looks. Many of these designs are surprisingly easy to do at home.

But if you’re feeling fancy, head to your favorite salon and let them work their magic.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to use a high-quality topcoat to protect your manicure and keep it looking fresh all summer long.

So, are you ready to rock those square nails? I know I am! Show me your summer nail creations on social media – I can’t wait to see how you style them!

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