57 Star Wars Day Ideas

star wars day ideas

May the 4th is Star Wars Day! It’s a fun day to celebrate the Star Wars movies and shows. Here are 57 cool ideas to make your Star Wars Day great.

Star Wars Day Ideas

1. Watch Star Wars Movies

The best way to celebrate is by watching the Star Wars movies! You can have a marathon and watch them all. Make some popcorn and snacks.

You may need: Star Wars movie collection on DVD or Blu-ray.

2. Have a Star Wars Themed Party

Invite friends over for a galactic party! Decorate with Star Wars pictures and toys. Play the soundtracks in the background. Serve Star Wars themed foods like “Wookiee Cookies.”

You’ll need: Star Wars decorations, music, recipes.

3. Visit Galaxy’s Edge at Disney

If you’re near Disneyland or Disney World, visit the amazing Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land! Ride the Millennium Falcon and build your own droid. It’s like stepping into the movies.

You’ll need: Disney park tickets.

4. Dress Up in Star Wars Costumes

Be your favorite Star Wars character by wearing a costume. You can make one yourself or buy one. Have a costume contest with prizes.

You may need: Jedi robe, stormtrooper armor, etc.

5. Make Star Wars Art

Use your artistic talents to make Star Wars drawings, paintings or crafts. Draw characters like Luke Skywalker or make origami X-Wing fighters.

You’ll need: Paper, pens, paints, origami paper.

6. Read Star Wars Books

Dive deeper into the Star Wars universe by reading novels, comics or encyclopedias. Learn more about the characters and worlds.

You may need: Star Wars novels, comics, reference books.

7. Play Star Wars Video Games

Become a Jedi or pilot for the Rebellion in awesome Star Wars video games. Games let you experience Star Wars action and adventures firsthand.

You may need: Star Wars games for PC, console or mobile.

8. Learn Lightsaber Motion Sensor Effects

Get a cool Star Wars app that uses your phone’s motion sensor to create realistic lightsaber sounds and light effects. Practice your Jedi fighting moves.

You’ll need: Lightsaber motion sensor app.

9. Make Star Wars Snacks and Drinks

Get creative in the kitchen with fun Star Wars themed treats like Jawa Juice, Wookiee Cookies, or Han-Burgers. Make it a galactic menu.

You may need: Star Wars cookbooks, baking supplies.

10. Watch Shows Like The Mandalorian

Catch up on all the newest awesome Star Wars shows like The Mandalorian, The Bad Batch, Andor and more from Disney+.

You’ll need: Disney+ subscription.

11. Read Star Wars Kids Books

For younger fans, find cool Star Wars storybooks, comics and activity books featuring favorite characters. They’re great for getting kids hooked on Star Wars.

You’ll need: Star Wars kids books.

12. Display Your Star Wars Collection

If you collect Star Wars action figures, LEGO sets, or other merchandise, set them up for a May 4th museum exhibit in your home.

You may need: Display cases, shelves.

13. Learn Galactic Language Phrases

Study some basic phrases in fictional Star Wars languages like Huttese or the droid language. Throw them into your Star Wars Day conversations.

You’ll need: Language learning resources.

14. Build a LEGO Star Wars Set

Spend time constructing an epic LEGO Star Wars set like the Millennium Falcon, Death Star, or an X-Wing starfighter.

You may need: LEGO Star Wars sets.

15. Listen to the Soundtracks

Set the mood for Star Wars Day by listening to the iconic music from John Williams’ amazing soundtracks.

You’ll need: Star Wars soundtrack albums.

16. Make Star Wars Popsicle Stick Puppets

Get creative by making little puppets of Star Wars characters out of popsicle sticks, then put on plays or make stop-motion videos.

You’ll need: Popsicle sticks, markers, supplies.

17. Take Quizzes on Star Wars Trivia

Test your knowledge of Star Wars characters, worlds, quotes and lore by taking trivia quizzes online or making your own.

You may need: Star Wars trivia books or websites.

18. Camp Out Like an Ewok

For an all-day experience, set up a little backyard campsite and sleep outside under the stars like the Ewoks of Endor.

You’ll need: Tent, sleeping bags.

19. Make May the 4th Greeting Cards

Design homemade greeting cards featuring Star Wars puns and characters to give to your fellow fans.

You’ll need: Paper, markers, art supplies.

20. Collect Star Wars Trading Cards

Look for fun Star Wars trading card packs or singles to collect on May 4th and study all the character info. You may need: Star Wars trading card packs, binders.

21. Host a Movie Premiere Party

When a new Star Wars movie comes out, host an official premiere party to watch it as soon as possible with snacks and props.

You’ll need: New Star Wars movie, decorations.

22. Make Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

Use folded paper to craft elaborate Star Wars-themed paper snowflakes with Millennium Falcon, X-Wing or lightsaber designs.

You’ll need: Paper, scissors, examples.

23. Organize a Star Wars Board Game Night

Get some Star Wars themed board or tabletop games to play with friends on May the 4th like the Star Wars Catan, Outer Rim or Legion.

You’ll need: Star Wars board games.

24. Learn to Use the Force with Jedi Exercises

Study some Jedi mindfulness and meditation exercises to feel more attuned to the Force, just like Luke did.

You may need: Jedi training guides or videos.

25. Make Wookiee Sound Effects

Learn how to recreate Chewbacca’s iconic roars and Wookiee language sound effects. It’s a fun party trick.

You’ll need: Wookiee sound guides.

26. Listen to Star Wars Audio Books

Immerse yourself in Star Wars stories read by talented voice actors when you listen to the audiobook versions during Star Wars Day.

You’ll need: Star Wars audiobooks.

27. Make Your Own Hologram Message

Just like Princess Leia’s iconic plea for help, film yourself delivering your own “Help me Obi-Wan” hologram message with a creative video effect.

You’ll need: Hologram video app or editing software.

28. Photoshoot with Star Wars Backgrounds

Set up themed photo areas with Star Wars backgrounds, props and costumes to take fun portrait photos with friends or family.

You’ll need: Star Wars backdrops, props, costumes.

29. Go on a Real-Life Scavenger Hunt

Hide Star Wars themed clues and items around your town for a real-life interactive scavenger hunt to find galactic treasures.

You’ll need: List of clues, small Star Wars-themed prizes.

30. Draw or Paint Star Wars Characters

Grab your art supplies and practice sketching, drawing or painting your favorite Star Wars characters and scenes.

You’ll need: Paper, pencils, paints.

31. Design Star Wars Nail Art

Get creative with some epic Star Wars manicures featuring characters, patterns and logos on your nails.

You’ll need: Star Wars nail art supplies, guides.

32. Make Origami Star Wars Figures

Follow origami guides to carefully fold paper into cool 3D Star Wars character figures and ships like Yoda or X-Wings.

You’ll need: Origami paper, guides.

33. Watch Star Wars Fan Films

Search online to find lots of creative fan-made Star Wars short films and parodies to watch on May the 4th.

You may need: Links to Star Wars fan films.

34. Duel with Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Have an epic pool noodle lightsaber duel by making basic lightsaber handles out of pool noodles and hilts.

You’ll need: Pool noodles, duct tape.

35. Make Star Wars Window Decorations

Decorate your home’s windows with cut-out shapes of Star Wars characters, scenes or patterns for some festive window art.

You’ll need: Colored plastic sheets, scissors.

36. Play the Star Wars: Outer Rim Board Game

This strategic game has you traveling the outer rim as Han Solo-like smugglers dodging pirates and completing jobs.

You’ll need: Star Wars: Outer Rim board game.

37. Make Star Wars Marshmallow Shooters

Craft mini “blaster” marshmallow shooters decorated to look like blasters from Star Wars to have safe indoor battles.

You’ll need: Plastic bottles, marshmallows.

38. Learn To Use Lightsaber Fighting Moves

Study and practice actual choreographed Jedi lightsaber duel fighting moves and stances just like in the movies.

You’ll need: Lightsaber choreography guides.

39. Play Star Wars Video Game Trivia

Face off in multiplayer video game trivia about Star Wars gaming titles, characters, levels and more.

You’ll need: Star Wars video game trivia questions.

40. Make Edible Jabba the Hutt

Get creative making a giant edible sculpture of Jabba the Hutt out of snacks and treats like chips and pretzels!

You’ll need: Variety of snack foods, edible decorations.

41. Host a Star Wars Spelling Bee

See who is the galaxy’s greatest speller by hosting a spelling contest all about tricky Star Wars names and words.

You’ll need: List of Star Wars spelling words.

42. Learn to Program BB-8 or Sphero Droids

Use coding and apps to give commands and program the movements of popular app-enabled BB-8 or Sphero droids.

You’ll need: BB-8 or Sphero droid toy.

43. Have a Star Wars Sing-Along

Gather lyrics and instruments to lead a sing-along of fun Star Wars themed parody songs together.

You’ll need: Printed Star Wars song lyrics.

44. Watch Star Wars Bloopers and Behind-the-Scenes

Look up hilarious blooper reels and behind-the-scenes videos of the making of the Star Wars films and shows.

You’ll need: Access to blooper videos.

45. Make Star Wars Friendship Bracelets

Use embroidery floss to weave fun patterns and designs into Star Wars themed friendship bracelets.

46. Make Star Wars Friendship Bracelets

Use embroidery floss to weave fun patterns and designs into Star Wars themed friendship bracelets to trade with fellow fans.

You’ll need: Embroidery floss, bracelet patterns.

47. Design Star Wars Minimalist Posters

Use simple shapes and colors to create stylish minimalist posters featuring iconic Star Wars characters, scenes or logos.

You’ll need: Paper, art supplies.

48. Read Star Wars Memes and Jokes

Celebrate Star Wars Day by looking up the funniest Star Wars memes, jokes and puns online to laugh at throughout the day.

You’ll need: Internet access.

49. Try Star Wars Calligraphy

Learn the elegant art of calligraphy by practicing stylish calligraphy writing of Star Wars quotes, names or phrases.

You’ll need: Calligraphy pens, ink, paper.

50. Make Star Wars Smoothies and Milkshakes

Craft some delicious protein or milkshakes inspired by Star Wars colors and characters like a Blue Milkshake for Milkshake Fett.

You’ll need: Blender, recipe.

51. Paint Star Wars Terracotta Pots

Turn plain terracotta pots into Star Wars themed planters by painting cool character or droid designs onto them.

You’ll need: Terracotta pots, paints.

52. Make Binary Load-bearing Droid Crafts

Out of basic supplies like toilet paper rolls and paper plates, construct little crafts of load-bearing droids like R2 units.

You’ll need: Household supplies.

53. Research Star Wars Planets and Species

Spend time studying up on the unique planets, cultures and alien species found throughout the Star Wars galaxy.

You’ll need: Star Wars planet/species guides.

54. Start a Star Wars Quotes Guessing Game

Take turns reading iconic Star Wars movie quotes and guessing which character said each one in this simple quote game.

You’ll need: List of Star Wars quotes.

55. Fold Star Wars Origami Figures

Follow origami folding instructions to create cool character figures like Yoda or ships like the Millennium Falcon out of paper. You’ll need: Origami paper, guides.

56. Practice Star Wars Belly Dancing

Learn some fun Star Wars themed belly dance moves and routines choreographed to the famous cantina music. You’ll need: Star Wars belly dance tutorial.

57. Make Star Wars Car Decals or Bumper Stickers

Design your own personalized Star Wars decals, bumper stickers or window clings featuring characters, logos or text. You’ll need: Sticker paper, scissors.

May the fourth be with you.

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